Today, there was very little sunshine and a whole lot of rain. For some, this means stay inside with a warm cup of tea. For others, it’s an opportunity to find a fashionable outfit suitable for the weather and comfortable enough for the duration of a summer class.

This Fashionista’s look is simple, chic and trendy. She paired a gray tank top with black jeans. She then tied a light blue jean jacket around her waist. The latter element not only adds a pop of color but also layers. The jacket could easily be untied and worn over her tank top to ward off the chilly rain. Last but not least are her sneakers. Sneakers are a major trend as of late.

Sneakers are being worn with dresses, jeans or skirts—you name it. Tennis shoes are crossing over from the gym to runways and into everyday life, and it is a trend that I hope will stick around for a while. They’re trending due to their practicality and comfort. Now, brands such as Nike, adidas and more are issuing out tennis shoes with chic designs that are irresistible.

Our Fashionista’s Nike shoes go perfectly with her outfit. The bold, black Nike swoosh contrasts on the white and goes well with her black jeans. Her sneakers also come in handy when walking around campus. Not to mention, they’re perfect for a rainy day. No one wants wet feet slipping in and out of flip flops.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I choose sneakers based on style, as in how the shoe looks on. I am able to walk with confidence because my shoes do the talking for me.”