Summers in New York City can be pretty humid and gross, especially when it comes to footwear. Sandals and flip flops are cute but the city streets aren’t always ideal for that much foot exposure. The next best thing is a pair of sneakers. Sneakers that are properly ventilated can keep your feet cool, help you avoid sunburn and they can keep your feet safe from the gross city streets.

This Fashionisto did just that when he decided to wear his sneakers. The sneakers are the central part of this outfit because they embody the essence of street style and sporty, casual vibes. Topping off this look is a white T-shirt, the subtle details allow this graphic T-shirt to play a more subdued role in this look instead of overpowering it. The brown khakis help dress up this outfit a bit, but this Fashionisto’s decision to role them up allows the sneakers to have the spotlight in this look.

Altogether, the small details from the T-shirt and khakis as well as the fact that these pieces are still simple and minimalistic help this look. This Fashionisto attained a balance of casual and effortless with well planned out touches. This balance allows the sneakers to play a central role in the look and allows them to truly stand out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I guess [my advice is] just wear whatever makes you really happy and excited. You don’t have to follow what’s popular, but you can get advice from your friends since they know you and your style better than some magazine.