Athleisure blew up at the end of last year with Beyoncé’s active wear label launch with Topshop and Alexander Wang’s lust worthy collaboration with H&M. A couple of weeks ago, you may have heard or seen of the adidas Orignals x Kanye West show during New York Fashion Week. All of this is further proof that athleisure is here to stay, particularly when it comes to sneaker culture. We are sure this is one trend that is here to stay for a pretty long time, after all the integration of an active yet leisurely lifestyle is pretty enticing. The main idea behind this stems from the idea that everyone leads such active lifestyles that our garments should have dual functionality at this point in time.

Don’t think sneakers can look chic on a day-to-day basis? Take a note out of this Fashionisto’s book. Stylistically speaking, his pairing of the white shirt and cardigan is ingenious. Why do I say so? Well, take a look at the way the stud detailing aligns right above the multicolored stripes on his shirt. By having it a couple of inches above the stripes, it takes proportion into consideration, guiding the eye smoothly across his entire outfit. With so much consideration on his upper half, he had to “minify” his bottom half, thus the monochromatic pairing of black joggers and white sneakers. This is a prime example of directing your outfit from being somewhat confusing to street chic by pairing it with sneakers because of the casual factor it holds.

Sneakers are the way of the future, kids. It can be paired with a wide range of looks, even dresses fit for a dinner party. When in doubt, consult the multitude of street style shots available.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sneakers can go with anything because they inject casualness towards any outfit. Keep it simple for a minimalistic approach.”