Style Advice Of The Week: Sneaker-Chic

While strolling down 15th St in New York, I came across one of my favorite and globally-popular trends—sneakers. But not just sneakers on their own. I’m talking about actual running shoes paired with normal, everyday outfits—like today’s Fashionista is showing. This sneaker-ensemble trend started in 2013 when brands such as Nike and New Balance started popping up all over street style websites and blogs.

Today’s Fashionista pulls off the sneaker-chic trend perfectly. Her outfit is light and airy, so her adidas add some personality to the ensemble. By the way, I adore her baby pink hat. Right now on my summer wish-list is a pair of the monochromatic adidas. Just look at those baby blues! One of my go-to sneakers would have to be my Nike 5.0’s. I wear them with everything.

In the beginning, there were definitely mixed feelings about this trend; however, over time, sneakers slowly started to become a true fashion accessory. The sneaker craze even made an appearance in high fashion in 2014 with Chanel and Dior slipping sneakers on models’ feet in their haute couture runway shows. This was a year that the sneaker became a high-fashion must-have. Benefits? Street stylers and working women got a break from wobbling around in  high heels and could put on their favorite pair of Converse, Vans, Nikes, etc. instead (even in the office!). It also wasn’t quirky for men to pair suits with their favorite pair of Air Jordans. Although the main purpose of sneakers is comfort, fashionista’s all around wear them solely for the cool-factor. Now, although designers have moved on, the sneaker trend will not be leaving the streets for quite some time as activewear is currently booming.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think that every feminine outfit can work when paired with the right sneakers. To me, all-white kicks are definitely a must-have for this summer.”