It’s midterm season now. People are studying hard and spending most of their time preparing for tests, projects or presentations. Under such great pressure and limited time, most of us are hardly in the mood for dressing up. This Fashionista’s choices for her outfit are not just easy to wear, but are chic and tasteful. The positive energy and sweetness of her clothes and smile clearly emulates a boho style, which differentiates her from the dark colors many students are caught wearing during this time of year.

Her pink silky top has various delicate patterns that catch people’s attention. Small reddish/pink flowers accumulate together harmoniously without dizzying their viewers. To organize different ornamental elements within the top, there are thin and wide stripes of different patterns on the sleeves that naturally complement the flowery background. Instead of overwhelming people with crazy and disorganizing patterns, the shirt arranges a nice variety of colors and sizes.

The solid black pants this Fashionista picks are pretty safe and sound. To balance the extreme colorfulness of the top, black contrasts it and allows the boho top to stand out more. Also, black is a flattering choice on the legs, which makes it the best color choice for girls who have less confidence in their legs.

I enjoy this Fashionista’s details in accessories a lot. She is definitely good at color matching with the overall tone. Her sliver cross necklace is simple and functions similarly as the black pants do—it chills out the heat of the top a little bit. The diversity of her bangles subtly resembles that of the flaring shirt. The turquoise at her bracelet also clicks with the same colors at the top and brings a refreshing feeling to the heavy midterm season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Bold colors or patterns! The key to be the shining star during busy quarter is giving bold colors/patterns a shot!”