In the United States, “grunge” began to be noticed in the 1980s, not only by musical artists but also by Fashionistas/os like yourself! Grunge fashion is labeled as a thoughtless, uncoordinated look with an edge. It involves dressing down, while including casualness and comfort. Grunge fashion is so unique; you could make it your own like this Fashionista did!

When it comes to putting together this outfit, this Fashionista was in the right mindset. Starting with her top, she wore a flowy lace detailed shirt, which could most likely pass as a dress along with a gray undershirt. This doesn’t look like any regular lace shirt, as this one is more patterned and specifically on point. Lace is without a doubt mismatched with the idea of grunge. You could absolutely break the law of fashion by taking a risk and not going so full out on what you are trying to get across; mix and match!

The Fashionista is wearing blue denim jeans that she cuffed on the very bottom to show off her shoes, which were the true grunge aspect. Most grunge outfits would end up with the shoes being Dr. Martens. Adding a twist, this Fashionista is not wearing Dr. Martens, but she is wearing lookalikes by Steve Madden with an added heel as a feminine hint. Breaking even further into the grunge style, she paired her whole outfit with a vintage bag she found at a thrift store. What a cute find!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Who said females need to look super sweet? I love expressing my femininity with a bit of masculine aspects into my wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, take risks!”