College consists of many night with little sleep, days full of classes, meeting with professors, getting lunch with friends, gym time and studying for exams. This leaves very little time to get dressed each day. That means that top priority is comfort when it comes to dressing for the rest of your day.

During the frigid winter months, sweaters are always the solution to staying warm. Sometimes when people hear “slouchy sweater,” they think of their mothers. For the longest time, I never saw sweaters as youthful because dressing our age means showing off some skin. This can be accomplished while still wearing a sweater, though. Over-the-shoulder and V-neck sweaters are the best for showing off that little bit of extra skin during the winter.

Slouchy, loose sweaters give off the careless but comfy vibe. These types of sweaters can be worn for class, date night or coffee with friends. When done correctly, you should not look frumpy at all.

This Fashionista pulled the slouchy sweater off perfectly. She chose to go with the over-the-shoulder look while still keeping warm with her oversized infinity scarf. She layers on the jewelry by adding a long necklace which can still be seen underneath her scarf and a stack of bracelets. She is ready to fulfill all of the tasks on her calendar while still making heads turn.

This outfit is still comfy and can easily be put together. Throw on the leggings, UGG boots, an oversized infinity scarf, a slouchy sweater and some random pieces of jewelry. Start by filtering through your closet to find the perfect sweater to wear and build the rest of your outfit from that one piece. It is okay to step outside of your comfort zone and pair the sweater with a scarf or boots you would normally never pair with it because of the color. Almost all color combinations work together. I see the sweater as being central to the outfit so start there and then build from the feet up or vice versa.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m always running around campus so I need to be comfortable but still cute. My go-to are leggings and a loose top, still cozy, yet cute.”