STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Slipping into the Slip Dress

There is no denying the fact that ’90s fashion has made quite the comeback recently. With chokers, denim jackets, slip dresses, and crop tops, the 90’s have taken over this season’s runways as well as the wardrobes of our favorite street style stars.

There are so many different ways one can incorporate ’90s fashion into their wardrobes. My personal favorite is with the slip dress. The slip dress is a simple, versatile, and comfortable piece that is perfect for these unbearably hot summer days.

So how does one style this type of dress? Check out this Fashionista’s flawless look. Here, she is wearing a black slip dress with lace detailing and an open back. The open back gives the dress a sexy vibe without being over the top and makes it more comfortable to wear when trying to survive the summer heat. Staying true to her nostalgic ’90s theme, she is also wearing black combat boots and a simple black choker. For her bag, she is wearing a black purse and a currently trending pink puff keychain.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Outfit inspiration can be found anywhere. You can showcase your unique style in so many ways using what you already own or incorporating super inexpensive finds. For example, that dress is a nightgown that I got for 2 dollars and the choker is a broken shoelace from my boots. Fashion doesn’t have to be unattainable or exclusive. It’s about putting creativity and personality into how you dress every day and not caring about anything other than that.”