The little black dress, commonly referred to as the LBD, has been a staple in many females’ closets for decades. However, with new takes on staple pieces arising in the fashion world, the LBD has also gotten a makeover. Satin for years now has been tied to only being appropriate for lingerie, but now with the fashion industry and more and more Fashionistas taking risks with their wardrobes, this spring/summer season has introduced us to the little black slip.

The little black slip, mainly made out of a satin, has been all the rage in Hollywood. Spanning from Selena Gomez wearing an elegant metallic satin slip on the red carpet, to Gigi Hadid rocking satin pieces on her nights out, the once faux pas of fashion has been making a comeback. Particularly, in the form of a slip, this new satin trend has been raved as simple elegance with a sultry edge. Whether you need a new take on the LBD or just want to add a satin piece to your closet, the little black slip is a great addition for the summer season.

So how does one wear and style such an up and coming trend? This Fashionista has the answer. Pairing the statement piece of the little black slip with monochromatic accessories, helps add but not diminish, allowing the slip to remain the main element in the look. The strappy heels draw the eyes upward toward the dress while the chain necklace and choker keep that A-line visual going and complete the look. Adding pops of color is optional but does make the outfit more appropriate for summer. As one can see in this look, the Fashionista chose to do a bold lip and a statement ring to tie the look together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think the most important thing when wearing a little black satin slip is to choose the right accessories, because they allow you to  really set the vibe that you’re trying to create with the outfit.”