August 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Wow, this summer has passed by in record time! Working for orientation, constantly traveling back to the city—it all flew by in a blur. In less than a week, classes will begin again up at New Paltz and I’ll be in my junior year.

As I relished my last week in the city, I came upon a great subject for my last summer article. This Fashionisto was wearing a gray T-shirt, dark rinse jeans and blue Converse sneakers. While he’s impeccably dressed, the quality that stood out to me most about him ironically wasn’t what he wore; it was his transportation. Skateboards combine the coolness of a surfboard, accessibility of a bicycle, and the ease of roller skates. Unlike bicycles, skateboards don’t need to be chained up. They came to popularity in the 1940s and were originally created out of wooden boxes that had roller skates attached to the bottoms.

At my college, skateboards are as common and popular as a cappella groups. Skateboards are another way to express yourself and come a variety of board styles, designs and colors. They’re also very easy and fun to decorate! If you want to jump on a skateboard and see if it’s for you, utilize the resources available to you. For beginners, try to ask current skateboarders about how to get started (i.e. which places are good to shop, the upkeep required, the different boards available, etc.). Experiment until you feel comfortable!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be cool, be fun, be whatever makes you happy. If it’s being on a skateboard like me or walking around in high heels, make it happen! Life’s great opportunities are fleeting and every moment counts!”