Any Southern bordered Fashionista/o’s (or anyone for that matter) would attest that we are consistently tested by extreme and bipolar weather. I’m talking Day After Tomorrow scenario, it’s ridiculous!  So when Mother Nature arrives, do after this Fashionista who utilized her ample tips for staying dry, and looking very chic. One is never prepared! Do after this Fashioinista, and when one quarter of Texas State becomes one with our river, YES! we have a river that runs through campus, students started kayaking through town due to the unexpected flooding, this largely affected most of Central Texas. However, this Fashionista did not let it rain on her parade. Perfectly suited for the chilly commute around campus, this Fashionista shared “I wish this weather came around longer!” particularly because, it’s when she gets to express her unwavering love for Puffer Down Vest. Despite the weird taboo, we all must share especially if we were teens in the ’90s. Seen everywhere down the runway from DKNY to Michael Kors, these once forbidden vest are now a closet must have! Completely became extremely versatile throughout the blogosphere, seen under coats, sweaters, dresses and even overalls! Which may or may not have to do with drake’s recent inclination for North Face? I can’t think of many if at all, rappers who sport outdoors gear it’s possible the whole Canada thing, comes into play, but I wouldn’t put my money on Drizzy just yet.

The key to finding the perfect PUFF-er  is… Pockets! Everything you need fits well in those pockets, and here in the Hill Country with the plethora of granite stairs, on stairs, on stairs and you guessed it! More stairs naturally, turns Texas State into a huge Slip and Slide; unbelievably it is so not as enticing as it may sound. Whilst professors are counting down to start class punctuality (because yes, attendance still counts in college) no need stressing over ruined, soaked or keeping anything than you dry and in your seat. So from one experienced Fashionista to you fellow Fashionista/os it’s important to only haul around the essentials, and to avoid the sad stories and unfortunate story of how a girl mourns over the loss of her first Mac book.

Dress for the chaotic and bipolar vortex called Mother Nature, This Fashionista is clearly ready to bare it all! Follow suit after, and coordinate the outfit with an umbrella. Not only does this amazing invention keep you from replicating “the wet mop look,” unless channeling Beyoncé circa 2014 Grammys, no disrespect BEY. For, the Fashionista/o’s that simply seeks to arrive dry to class. Totes carries anything rainwear related in just about every color of the spectrum. So obviously immediately after submitting my post I headed over and scored myself this adorable bubble umbrella for only 15 dollars. What better way to go dancing in the rain? Top off the look with richer gem hues, sample this one by NARS or this one by the infamous Kat Von D. Hope this has you doing rain dances for the next storm or possibly chance of showers.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “[Wearing] bright rain boots or a colorful statement piece can always brighten a gloomy day!”