Caught on his way to a performance, this Fashionisto plays to his strengths, sporting a blazer that makes his bright baby blues come alive. As a sucker for a well put-together monochromatic outfit, my eye was instantly drawn to his colorful blazer, a nice change of pace from matching two-piece suits. Stepping outside of the box with dress clothes can go a long way, and although I love a classic, well-tailored and dark-colored suit, sometimes an interesting blazer and dress pants can prove far more effective.

While several guys have latched on to the colored pants trend, many are still venturing out into the world of colored blazers. On cue with this emerging trend, this Fashionisto doesn’t wait for it to hit mainstream, and instead makes his own waves. Part of what makes his ensemble a double take is the solid blue color layered on top of a pattern. The dotted pattern of the button-down is so faint that it keeps the look tied together from afar, but offers an interesting visual as you draw nearer. The dark blue silk tie rounds out the color scheme, on the opposite end of the blue spectrum as the blazer. With the baby blue blazer as the dominant piece and the already busy button-down, the skinny size and subdued color of the tie were the best options for this look.

Veering away from being too “matchy-matchy,” this Fashionisto chose shoes with a slim subtle red lining just above the sole. Starting the day off not only ready to take the Bloomington fashion scene by storm, he also proves he’s ready to own the stage he is headed for. A round of applause for his confidence, risk-taking and impeccable style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. It could really pay off.”