Ever stare endlessly at your closet for what seems like an eternity just waiting for the perfect outfit to pop out at you? Of course you have, we all have.

Usually on these struggle bus days we end up creating a look that feels forced. It’s an outfit that often features too many layers, or too many accessories, that we pile on in order to overcompensate for the fact that we can’t seem to remember how to put together a cohesive outfit…or is that just me?

Regardless I think, to some degree, we’ve all been there. It’s these days that remind us of the ever-prevailing fact that less is always more. But often when imagining simple dressing we tend to primarily see plain T-shirts and monochromatic color schemes, a look every modern millennial on Instagram is all too familiar with. What is often overlooked though is that understated dress doesn’t have to mean a palette of only white, black, and gray. It’s definitely not a style that is best suited for every Fashionista/o out there.

That’s what was eye-catching about this Fashionista’s look. It manages to come off as effortless and simple without compromising personal preference for the common minimalist style. Jeans and a white shirt act as the anchor for the ensemble, but even the T-shirt features some added pizazz with a silver sparkled neckband. The highlight of this outfit is the flashy cardigan that looks like she pulled it straight out of the ’70s, possessing all the kaleidoscope vibes of the Beetle’s Yellow Submarine album cover. Rounding the look off with suede fringe booties, she left the house looking playful, simple and endlessly chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t always try and match everything. Going a more eclectic route keeps things more fun and interesting.”