It is always so inspiring to see Fashionistas who have their own personality stated in their styles. I personally think it is really important to know who you are and what you like in order to then create your style and be on trend. After all, the best fashion advice is always to be comfortable in your own skin. This Fashionista caught my attention by truly incorporating her relaxed and peaceful personality into her carefree style. She chose to wear a simple white romper, colorful tribal print shoes and invest in rock-detailed accessories to enjoy a sunny day in the garden.

Investing in rompers, jumpsuits and one-piece outfits is a great idea for those of you who still want to be right on-trend, but don’t have the time or don’t really know what to match with what. It is an easy way to just throw something cute on and be ready to go and enjoy your day. Not to mention it is perfect for the summertime since it really gives the relaxed cool vibe and it is extremely comfortable too. The Fashionista then decided to wear a pair of tribal print shoes to add some color into her look and to incorporate more of the boho-nature style as well. It matched really well with her personality and it was a good way to bring some more life into her outfit. Another great and stylish idea would be to wear gladiators or even heeled sandals if you would like to go for a more elegant look.

There is nothing better than choosing the right accessories to finish up your look. This Fashionista invested on accessories that recalled the earthy style by choosing different rocks to bring out her love for nature. Picking the right accessories to compose your look and embrace your own personality and lifestyle are essential when putting a great look together. The Fashionista is also wearing little to no makeup, which shows, even more, how much she embraces the simply natural look and down-to-earth personality into her daily life.

Overall, the Fashionista did an amazing job composing a look that perfectly matched with her personality. It is very significant to know yourself and compose looks that work in your favor and that are trending at the same time. The most important of all is respecting what looks good on you and of course, matching your sense of fashion with your unique self.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re like me and don’t have lots of time to get ready, go for a simple and neutral piece, in this case the white romper and add something colorful to complement it. I am a person who loves nature and being able to incorporate that in my style is really important for me. I then try to invest in looks that are very neutral and carefree. My advice is to be yourself and choose clothes as well as accessories that go well with who you truly are.”