College students all around the world are expressing themselves through their style every day. Crazy patterned joggers, large floppy hats, tons of necklaces and bracelets and lots of piercings. This Fashionista shows us that great style doesn’t need to scream “Hey! Look at me, look at what I’m wearing, look at how cool my pants are!” Sometimes less is more, and in this case, she rocked it!

This Fashionista is wearing three staple items that every girl needs to add to her closet if she hasn’t already. The first item is a simple white tank top. White is a neutral color that will match just about anything. The next item is an oversized cardigan. Summer is just about here but it’s a little chilly from time to time so a tank top just won’t suffice. This Fashionista threw on a light gray, open-front sweater that has a slightly oversized silhouette. The third item is jean shorts. Jean shorts are classic and easy to throw on. These shorts have blue and white pin stripes that add some creativity to basic jean shorts. To sum it all up, every girl needs: a white tank top, an oversized cardigan, and jean shorts. All classic, all comfy and all can range from expensive to inexpensive. Readers can find an expensive oversized cardigan at Saks Fifth Avenue that guarantees quality. Readers can also buy an inexpensive cardigan, but with decent quality, at Forever 21.

Added onto this simple and classic outfit, this Fashionista added a bright blue Coach bag. Her outfit consisted of very neutral colors so a bright bag was a necessity to liven up the color scheme. It was the perfect color to match her light blue shorts. The bag was also the perfect size. It was small enough so she could carry it around everywhere but big enough to hold all necessities: cell phone, water, lip gloss etc.

To accessorize, this Fashionista added a Tory Burch logo studded bracelet. It had two  bands and silver logos all around the bands. She added hanging diamond earrings and a simple diamond cartilage stud. Her hair and makeup were very natural looking.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t need crazy patterns or ‘in your face’ colors to be trendy. A simple outfit with a colorful bag is easy enough and I look great!”