Although monochromatic color schemes are typically associated with the colder months, this Fashionista proves that one can still look crisp and chic in an all-black outfit, even when summer is in full swing. If you are a monochrome lover, do not feel obligated to live up to the well-accepted summer trends and reach for vivid floral patterns and flowy sundresses—the world of fashion does not think highly of conformity! You can still give off cool, summery vibes by styling all monochrome pieces, as long as you make sure to keep it interesting by mixing various patterns and textures just like this Fashionista.

The evenly spaced out horizontal and vertical lines on her top draw in the viewers by creating depth and complexity; the grid prints add the perfect amount of dimension to her simply put together outfit. This Fashionista balances out her structured top by styling lace shorts that will keep her cool and comfortable throughout the day. There is nothing like a good pair of leather loafers when you are trying to look chic while also keeping your feet content at the same time.

Southern California summer nights can often catch you off guard. Although it may go up to the high 80’s during the daytime, it can get chilly as soon as night falls. Always make sure to keep a lightweight cardigan handy if you know that you’re going to stay out past sundown. Did you know maxi cardigans serve as awesome blankets?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In my opinion, monochrome always looks simple yet sophisticated, even in the summer! Incorporating different patterns and textures can also help break up the outfit.”