Luckily, most college students in the Northeast have been blessed with warmer winter days. This only means one thing to most Fashionistas—looking cute. So bring out the bodysuits, ladies because why not? Who said bodysuits are only to be worn at parties or any outgoing event? Versatile pieces are a must for college students as we all know our closets are physically small in size. Nonetheless, juggling long days of classes, interviews and social outings in between can be exhausting so versatile pieces come in very clutch. This Fashionista was getting ready for a class presentation before I caught her jaw-dropping, put together ensemble. 

Winter fashion tends to revolve around a “dead leaf” color palette of blacks and grays. However, jumping ahead into spring-like colors isn’t a bad idea after all. To stand out in a crowd, wear a pastel colored shirt/blouse blouse with dark colored pants or do the exact reverse. Her classic pairing of a mint green, scooped neck bodysuit and high-waisted black jeans added with a skinny belt gives a retro vibe without overdoing it. The contrast in colors elevates her outfit from boring to chic. This outfit could easily be worn from day to night.

Pro tip: add a sleeveless blazer or jacket to wear out on the town. Don’t forget to add a pair of black booties and a statement necklace to complete the look. These lovely shoes came from Paris, but you can definitely get a similar pair at your local retailer. J’adore.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You gotta wear what YOU wanna wear. Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”