No shoes? No accessories? No problem. We all need a little beach time, especially when our beloved beach season of summer is coming to a close. Stretching our wardrobe for those last few days can be a challenge, but key summer pieces such as this two-piece ensemble this Fashionista is sporting is sure to get you through.

At the beach, the minimalist approach is the best way to go. When you’re rocking necklaces, bracelets, sun hats and sunglasses, it can all become too much, not to mention give you bad tan lines. A simple outfit such as this is the perfect way to go to the beach while also looking putting together and stylish.

This two-piece features a canvas material crop top and skirt. It blue nautical themed stripes really add to the character of the outfit, the cream also contributing a polished put together vibe. Fun, circular glasses and a no shoes policy break down that put together feel. The glasses demonstrate the outfit isn’t so rigid and that this Fashionista is as carefree as the sea.

Though this outfit pretty much speaks for itself, we can still recognize the simple details that make the two-piece work. By understanding that less is more we ensure we are never those overdressed flashy Fashionistas and learn how to better dress for the situation.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple and know your occasion. Being fashionable doesn’t mean being over accessorized and know when a little is enough.”