June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Most trends are seasonal and leave you needing to buy a winter bag and a summer bag or winter heels and summer heels. But, with snakeskin you may find yourself with a year-round print. Snakeskin has the versatility of a print that can act as a neutral and comes in many different shades. When worn with white or on a pair of wedges, snakeskin can be summery and spice up a warm-weather outfit. However, darker snakeskin worn with black and gray, or combined with fur and dark jeans, can easily transition into a look for fall and winter. In addition, snakeskin can look super casual and work for a day dress, or blouse, but also has the ability of looking dressy and carry a going-out outfit.

In this Fashionista’s outfit, the mixing of different snakeskins, in both colors and patterns, dresses it up while showing the versatility of all the pieces involved. Without the accessories, this Fashionista is just wearing a solid top and jeans, but by adding all of the snakeskin details brings style and dimension. The dark, shiny snakeskin on the heels makes the outfit dressy and changes the jeans from casual, daytime jeans to going-out jeans. The bag is the multi-faceted as it can go with any outfit, day or night, winter or summer and adapts. Also, since it’s black and white, it matches everything and can be combined with all types of prints.

For spring and summer, I love snakeskin in a tan color as it acts like a neutral and can be combined with other prints without being overwhelming. This chiffon kimono and this trendy bathing suit are perfect picks for summer snakeskin. I bought a pair of Zara flatform wedges in snakeskin and they have been my go-to shoe so far this season, replacing my nude wedges that I wore with everything. During the colder weather months, the jacket this Fashionista is wearing is perfect and super functional. I also like these H&M booties and this 5/48 sweater. Designers such as Proenza Schouler, Carven, and Céline have also been on the snakeskin trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t forget that fashion is highly subjective and the way you feel is most important. So always wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful regardless of what others think.”