The summer months bring various events to attend and you’ll need outfits for them all. Parties, graduations, cookouts, holidays and concerts, to name only a few occasions that you’ll be at this summer. So instead of getting all stressed out about finding the perfect outfit, just keep it simple and opt for a cute and casual sundress like this Fashionista did. Not only did she throw together this simply stylish look, she did it all for a reasonable price.

A sundress is perfect because it’s stylish yet effortless. Dresses are always easier since you don’t have to worry about a top and a bottom, you just throw the dress on and go. Sundresses are a summer staple that everyone has in their closet, but there a few things that make this one stand out.

This dress is so summery because of it’s made of linen. It’s light and airy, so it’s perfect for a hot summer day and the texture of the dress provides a vintage feel. It also features some wide horizontal stripes that are navy blue and a high halter neck, making this look simple, yet classic.

This Fashionista bought her dress at Marshall’s and her shoes at Nordstrom Rack. Making this outfit trendy, yet affordable. She will surely get her money’s worth out of this outfit, looking stylish all summer long.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love shopping at stores such as Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. I always find high-quality, trendy and affordable fashion pieces that I can wear at the office or for an afternoon enjoying the summer sun! For Independence Day, I’ll definitely be rocking this striped dress with wayfarer shades for a classic, vintage Americana vibe.”