STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shop Local Or Handmade

There are hundreds, if not thousands of artists of all kinds who come from many paths in life that create goods for us to admire, eat and even wear. I couldn’t help but focus on the work done on this Fashionista’s pieces, which were perfect for a day on the beach.

Her wardrobe is a collection of items she purchased on trips to Mexico as well as locally here in Minnesota, beautifully done and handmade. The floral patterns on her tote and technique are something you don’t see often, especially not in our everyday stores and boutiques which gives these clothing pieces that much more value. Artisans worldwide offer different styles and patterns when those who travel go to markets and they can really make your wardrobe pop!

Handmade pieces are becoming a trend especially if they’re made locally because getting to say this was was made where I live or where I come from makes it special. Also, because more than likely individuals who had to work on the item must have done so for hours or even days, so your purchase has all their hard work imprinted on it.

The word that always comes up when people mention that items are “locally made” or “handmade” is PRICEY. I totally understand, after all not everyone can afford trips to Latin America or the other side of the world, but you can still achieve these looks to support  local artists in your area or somewhere else. You just have to look around a bit they’re not always expensive and if you’re willing to make them offers they may give you great deals too. After all, local artisans want their community to showcase their work. Do keep in mind that they’re charging for all the hard work they had to put into that one piece that essentially can’t be replicated.

This Fashionista had on a romper locally bought, covering her swimsuit to be ready for her day on the beach as well as her handmade tote from Mexico full of essentials like her color rimmed sunglasses. She kept her look versatile and simple, which makes sense when you’re about to jump in the water, rompers as well as cover-ups are always a great closet essential for the summer season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “I think it’s important to support artisans because they put a lot of work into their pieces and that purchase is helping them make it in the industry they want to fulfill a career in which can be very hard to do these days. Also, the quality of the work is much better at times in comparison to regular stores and they’re products are much more fun since they’re not mass produced, each one is uniquely made and you get to own that.”