The shirt dress is the master of all hybrids and the next hottest thing since skorts (why these fell off the map, I’ll never know). Let me break it down: first, you must understand it’s a dress and a shirt in one. Luckily, the fashion industry has a knack for crossing two garments then shoving their names into a new one. So even if you hate fashion, I’m fairly confident in your ability to deduce this one. Alas, it is the perfect mesh of desirable comfort and style into one awesomely amazing garment. The shirt dress can read business at the top if you choose a variation with buttons and collars, but will smoothly transition to a relaxed fit on its way down to the hem. And you can, of course, choose the OG shirtdress, which is basically a more fitted version of your boyfriend’s T-shirt. Either way, this is the MVP in closets this summer, due to it being an effortless go-to with its overarching comfy nature.

This Fashionista’s shirt dress was all about black and bling. This particular piece demonstrates the versatility in the shirt dress as it could have easily been dressed up with a wrapped waist belt, pair of heels, some bangles and tied back hair. But she made an appropriate choice in keeping it casual on campus. A chandelier neckpiece sat under her collar that conveyed dark tones of grays that brought life to her blacks. She had some rockin’ leather ankle boots with buckles, back zippers and studs at the bottom and carried around a small black boxy cross-body bag that matched with her gold and black watch. All these features set the pace for the shirt dress, as it stood as her “building” piece. And let’s not forget her nails which were on all types of levels with the ballet flat point and mattee blue color *insert heart eye emoji here*. Overall, they were like a Pinterest dream.

So, let’s be honest, any time we can get away with being comfortable AND cute we’re going to eat it up. So thank you shirt dress for ridding us of uncomfortable pants and being so adaptable to ANY occasion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always begin with the basics. Start with a simple piece and let the rest of your outfit revolve around that.”