July 10th, 2015 at 2:05am

Every once in a while, I start to feel a little underwhelmed by my own closet. I’ll wake up feeling like it’s just another day, only to look into the deep abyss of clothing in my room and realize that, regardless of the shirts and pants spilling off the shelves, I have absolutely nothing to wear. Feeling like possibly the least stylish Fashionista in the world, I often give up in defeat, throw on a sad pair of old jeans and call it a day. Unfortunately, this typically results in intense feelings of jealousy toward every stylish person I pass combined with a sinking feeling of failure—a sad combination that I try to avoid at all costs. So how can one dodge this inevitable event in every girl’s life? This Fashionista shows how it’s done.

While piling on layers and scads of accessories is always tempting in a crisis of the sartorial variety, it’s typically best to avoid falling into that trap. Instead, go the simple route like this Fashionista. Sporting a color-blocked shift dress, her minimalist outfit is nothing short of perfection. With a simple pair of sandals and a classic purse, it may be the easiest outfit known to man. However, that’s what makes it so wonderful. Whether or not her morning started in a crisis, she managed to come out looking both flawlessly and effortlessly stylish.

Should you happen to wake up to a chaotic morning or even just an uninspired one, take a few notes from this Fashionista. Be it fancy, preppy or just plain simple, shift dresses are a fantastic solution to all of your problems. So go throw one on, flip your hair over your shoulder and revel in just generally looking ridiculously adorable without trying at all.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Invest in pieces that you really love—it’s always worth spending a little more on a piece when you know you’ll wear it a lot and be able to keep it forever.”