Imagine a place where the shopping goes on for miles, men are dressed impeccably in their tailored suits, the women wear pointed stilettos with their haute couture blazers and every afternoon you stop everything you’re doing for a cup of tea. Behold the Fashionista heaven, London. The truffle dishes, macarons and much needed detox tea’s in London are all amazing however, nothing compared to the street style. The people who make up the cities population come from all over the world which takes London’s street style to a whole other level. The style is diverse, upscale, trendy and carries notes of european class. A trend that caught my Style Guru eye during my time in London was menswear inspired fashion. I spotted many women in trousers, blazers and dress shirts. Although sophisticated, these items have real potential to demonstrate edge.

Menswear inspired women’s fashion can be translated into personal style in countless ways. A way that I adore was one captured by this Fashionista spotted on the streets of London. She took boyfriend jeans and a blazer, both very masculine pieces, and transformed them into a feminine, delicate and chic look. The key to making menswear work off the runway is keening in on femininity. This Fashionista wore a patterned and colored blazer which made for a more street chic look. She styled her boyfriend jeans with flats which was unexpected, yet perfect and honed in on the femininity vibe. Her accessories made the look cohesive and practical for a rather cool and rainy July day spent out on the town.

Menswear-inspired fashion is always on trend, no matter the season. They offer the perfect opportunities to combine sophistication harmoniously with edge and class. However you decide to translate this runway trend into your personal style is up to you, however, remember to wear it with confidence as a true Fashionista would.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m a complete girly-girl so dressing feminine is everything to me. Living in London, many women rock menswear inspired pieces and I wanted to get in on the trend but thought it would never really fit my style. I started to experiment with patterns, colors and silhouettes and found that I could still dress femininely with these pieces and turn heads while doing it.”