See through is the new black, as long as it is kept streetwear-appropriate, of course. Gossamer gowns and diaphanous dresses have been dusted across spring 2016 runways all over the world. One of my favorite sheer collections was Augustin Teboul’s from this year’s Berlin fashion week; it’s all very elegant in black delicates and dark fabrics. Also from Berlin 2016, Perret Shcaad and Vektor have some must-see sheer looks.

But not all of us are high-fashion models in Berlin, right? I know I’m not, but I was lucky enough to find a Fashionista who was able to translate this trend for the real world. This Fashionista has opted for a basic tank top in a fun, neon shade of green with a translucent twist. This lemon lime top is just sheer enough as to show a little skin and the colorful, printed bustier underneath. I absolutely love the citrus look for the summer! The orange and white stripes are an interesting, fun pop of color underneath the racerback top. Also, the X-ray fabric covers it up just enough so that the colors aren’t overwhelming, but it’s light enough to make it super on-trend and perfect for the summer!

Speaking of summer, it’s been a hot one here in Boston (no complaints). So, having a light, airy top on is a necessity if you want to stay cool. Sheer is the way to go for a trendy, delicate look that is totally appropriate for street (and sun) style.

Keeping it cool, this Fashionista has paired her uber trendy top with some easy, destroyed denim shorts—another closet staple of the summer. These are the perfect way to balance out the outfit and your wallet. So go ahead and splurge on the perfect, pellucid top because I’m sure you already have some jorts in your wardrobe.

Another easy on the wallet piece is her basic, rubber flip flops. Really want to get trendy on me? Wear jelly sandals instead. They’re coming back, and I’ve never been happier. For accessories, she wraps it up with basic, cubic zirconia studs, an Alex and Ani bracelet, a delicate, silver necklace and some black Wayfarer sunglasses. She gets bonus points for the sunglasses! Their classic frame helps keep the look fun and casual.

This look is totally translatable right from campus to the beach! Just throw on your cutest bikini underneath and smear on some SPF.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Light fabrics are key this summer. If you keep it simple and light, you’ll stay cool and comfy. It’s as easy as that. The sheer trend is perfect for summer!”