Why keep Fifty Shades of Grey on the bookshelf or in the movie theater? This Fashionisto proves that fifty shades of gray also belongs in your closet. Monochromatic ensembles have the ability to be killer, when done correctly. Just pick out a color you love and have a lot of, and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

This Fashionisto immediately caught my eye with his cool, soft colors. In my opinion, gray is the “it” color this winter. Gray will always be my favorite neutral, plus it’s easy to pair with. Gray on gray looks professional and organized. The shades of gray show off his personality and great sense of style.

You can never go wrong with a warm turtleneck. Although it is navy blue, it still gives off a calm vibe. Having a darker color under the blazer makes it pop instead of fade into the back. Not to mention, his turtleneck matches perfectly with his rad shoes. Why zip-up a jacket over an awesome turtleneck sweater when you could pair it with a tweed blazer? Tweed blazers are great for the chilly weather and you’re sure to stand out in a classroom!

The lighter shade of gray for his pants make his look more casual. Every college student knows the importance of dressing to impress, while still being very comfortable. I think it’s safe to say this Fashionisto has the perfect balance of sophistication and comfort down pat. His navy blue briefcase ties his whole look together. It’s not only useful, but extremely fashionable, as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try incorporating different shades of the same color in to your outfit. It usually looks really good.”