Whether it’s head to toe fiery reds, bright blues or chic shades of black, monochromatic fashion embodies a true, simplistic elegance. Both on and off the runway, these one hue wonders continue to make a flattering statement. Since it’s almost inevitable that every Fashionista’s closet is fully stocked with neutrals, mastering the neutral monochrome look is easy to achieve. Fashion icons, like Kim Kardashian West, are definitive examples that an envious wardrobe can blossom from a seemingly bland color scheme. Colors like black and white will remain sophisticated throughout fashion history, which is why this look had no trouble pulling itself together.

Sneaking faux fur into your everyday style can be tricky without overwhelming your audience. This Fashionista gracefully paired her shag H&M coat over a gray ribbed turtleneck. Here, the no fuss personality of a turtleneck balances the loud nature of fur. In fact, wearing multiple layers with varied textures can add depth and dimension to any outfit, as well as keep things interesting. Aside from that, it’s safe to say everyone has fully embraced the high-waisted trend with open arms. These vintage-inspired Urban Outfitters skinny jeans are super versatile and perfect from day to night. The higher the waistline, the more accentuated your legs look. Also, the buttons draw attention to your natural waist and creates the hourglass figure we’ve all dreamt about.

To dress up her denim, she paired this look with a remarkable pair of suede knee-high boots, one of the hottest shoe trends this season. Then, she accessorized with a Tory Burch wallet, accenting a pop of cobalt blue in her 50 shades of gray. Simple dainty pieces like her black Tiffany & Co. bead bracelet and diamond studs complement this outfit without overdoing it. After all, Coco Chanel did say, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Bold colors aren’t necessarily needed to make a impression. A black ensemble will never let you down. It effortlessly pulls together, every time.”