Blue is a staple in wardrobes year-round. From blue jeans to blue vests to sky blue sundresses, I don’t think blue will ever go out of style. If you have a favorite color that keeps showing up in your wardrobe, maybe it’s time to try going monochromatic. This Fashionisto shows his love of blue by layering it throughout his entire outfit.

The outfit starts with a wardrobe staple: a light wash pair of blue jeans. Then this Fashionisto adds an even lighter-washed denim button-down on top. This ode to the ’90s has become increasingly popular each season and doesn’t show signs of stopping. The ’90s girl inside of me is screaming with joy. A navy blue tribal cardigan is layered on top, which adds a crisp and polished preppy vibe to the look. In addition to navy blue, the sweater has shades of royal blue, dark blue and slate gray and white. This monochromatic outfit is finished off with two-toned, thick framed glasses. While the Fashionisto might be wearing them to see, they finish off a “hipster goes to Martha’s Vineyards” look for spring perfectly. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing only one color quite yet but you want to try a monochromatic look, just try wearing most of one color. This Fashionisto still has slate gray and white in his look to offset the blue.

With spring so close that I can almost taste the Italian ices and sunscreen, a monochromatic layered look is perfect. It’s warm enough to start leaving the coat at home, so this wool sweater will keep the Fashionisto warm enough throughout his day. Blue is a transition color so it works for the monochromatic trend because it isn’t too winter or spring. Try this look today by layering your most popular closet color!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just wear what you like. Wear whatever you think is cool. ”