So, it’s the first week of school! Honestly, I love school. Usually, by July you can find me perusing the aisles of Target for my favorite pens and highlighters. Yes, I do have favorites when it comes to pens and highlighters, but my favorite part of the first few weeks of school is getting to see everyone! This Fashionista definitely goes on my list of favorite people. Originally from San Diego, California, she brings her cool West Coast style and attitude to New Orleans. This Fashionista had quite the summer—from  working in a plant nursery and attending a few music festivals all the way to cliff diving! Her adventurous spirit and great style are two of my favorite things about this Fashionista.

The day was pretty gray and humid. Despite the weather being pretty awful, that didn’t stop this Fashionista from pulling together a great outfit. Her Free People cropped striped pants were several shades of gray and made a great stand out piece. These pants are made from a great lightweight cotton that are super breathable. One of my favorite parts of this outfit is how the pants are paired with bright white pieces.  A bright white, off-the-shoulder top with button placket detailing and white Birkenstocks topped off the look. For accessories, this Fashionista kept it simple with delicate necklaces and collected bracelets from her travels this summer.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable!” That’s some pretty solid advice to follow these days!