STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Seasoned Traveler, the Maxi

It is a hard life being a Fashionista in the world of Oregon’s weather. If you don’t like the weather at the moment, waiting five minutes might help. Here in Oregon, we can experience almost all four seasons in just one day. On this cool, rainy summer day this Fashionista was spotted rocking a typical summer piece with a warm twist. A long maxi skirt paired with a cropped sweater is a great outfit for when the temperature is shifting between two extremes.

There happens to be something so romantic about a long skirt and chunky sweater. Perhaps it is the feminine contrast, the leg lengthening effect of the maxi or the highlighting of the waist. Either way this elegant style is incredibly practical and much more comfortable than jeans! Pairing it with a cropped sweater keeps the warmth in, but the peeking midriff adds a sexy flair.

Picking the right lengths, widths and colors is the key to the sweater and skirt balance. This skirt happens to be cut closer to the body, so choosing a looser top is the best option. If the skirt is very loose and flowy, opt for a fitted top. Colors and patterns are practically limitless, especially transitioning into summer. This Fashionista stuck with a more neutral look by incorporating the black skirt with a soft nude. She just executed the classic look.

To polish off her look she paired her outfit with a wide brimmed hat and simple golden pendant necklace. There is nothing quite like hats to put the attention grabbing stop on an outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mix textures and play with proportions! I love putting unexpected textiles together like a big chunky knit with a light and airy skirt.”