Happy new year from nice weather and sunshine! Even though snow covers half of America, it can’t cover the good weather in California. Wearing sweaters and pants are enough during this winter vacation.

I spotted this Fashionisto wearing the latest item—a scuba sweater. Paired with Boy London sweatpants and spike sneakers, a casual look is created. Scuba fabric clothing has been the hottest item since Alexander Wang’s big success for H&M. The sweater is thick, durable and stretchy. It is actually a good choice to wear in California these days.

Most scuba sweaters are loose so they would be perfect to pair with sneakers, which this Fashionisto made a perfect match with. This Fashionisto chose to wear all black. Even his wallet is in black! However, it didn’t look boring to me. He made a good choice by wearing three different types of material: polyester, cotton and leather. Scuba sweater made by polyester create a shiny and loose effect, sweatpants made by cotton created a matte effect and leather Christian Louboutin sneakers and wallet create a luxurious sense.

The Fashionisto not only knew how to make his outfit interesting by using different materials, but he also knew how to add a shiny silver color to make his outfit stand out. The silver zip on the wallet and the spikes added a little bit fun to our Fashionisto’s simple casual look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “An all black outfit can be interesting by wearing different materials. I’d especially recommend trying out the scuba fabric!”