Being a kid that grew up in the ’90s, I was able to fully appreciate some of the fun and wacky trends. I admit I was a fashion-conscious kid. One of my favorite trends from the ’90s is skorts. At one point in time, I had skorts in all shades and hues. But, trends that are fun for children can be a nightmare for adults.I was horrified to find out skorts had made a comeback. The idea about skorts being fashionable was an idea that had never crossed my mind. My favorite skort, which was this horrid shade of neon yellow, is what I visualize in my head. However, these days skorts have been completely modernized.

More traditional style skorts that look similar to tennis skirts will always be a classic. I find more modernized skorts to be more interesting. Asymmetrical skorts are a great way to create a modernized look. This Fashionista has created a minimal dressy look by wearing an asymmetrical wrap skort. Asymmetrical skorts are also more flattering because they accentuate the body.

A simple white button-up blouse is the perfect combination to pair with a black skort. Her outfit is great for a summer dressy look. Wearing different shoes can change the whole look of an outfit. Black booties help keep the look dressy. Casual shoes such as sandals or flats would have changed this outfit from dressy to casual.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Skorts have actually become more stylish. In order to look fashion forward find a skort that is modern. Many skorts come in different prints, textures and shapes.”