The winter is officially here as the snow keeps falling and the temperatures are dropping. A major trend for the winter is scarves. They are used no matter what the weather is like because of the many varieties of scarves. When winter comes, it is almost a necessity to have one.

The scarf can be paired with different types of things. In this case, the scarf is made of wool and so is the shirt. Because the materials are similar, they flow very well together. Another part of the outfit that also puts together this look is the pants. It is very common to pair scarves and shirts like these with jeans. Pairing the shirt with jeans is great because the shirt is a light color, and it goes very well together since the jeans are also a light color. What makes the scarf stand out is that it is a darker color than the shirt. The eye is very easily drawn to it. I feel like the final piece, the boots, are a great finishing touch in this outfit because the dark brown color really goes together with the light blue jeans. The colors contrast each other in a way that makes both pieces of clothing stand out even more. All of the pieces go very well together and the colors really reflect the weather. The scarf is the centerpiece of this outfit because it really puts the outfit together.

This is the only season that you can wear a warm, knit scarf, so why not take advantage of it? There are so many different knitting patterns that make wearing a scarf even more interesting and fun, from simple to more complex patterns. Not only is the scarf stylish, it also keeps you warm in these cold winter days.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Why not have them both?”