STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Scarfing Down Scarves

When it comes to winter there is no doubt that a must accessory is the scarf. Their practical purpose is warmth, but they can also bring the element of sophistication to an outfit. Scarves can be used for any season and any occasion. With a multitude of materials, textures and cuts, there are unlimited possibilities. Scarves can be used to bring the colors of an outfit together, or they can be the centerpiece.

As far back as I can remember, my mother insisted a scarf was one of the extra articles of clothing that I always needed to wear, especially in winter. She would wrap one around my neck before sending me off to school to seal in the warmth. At the beach, she would drape a light one over my shoulders to protect me from the sun. At those times, I never thought that I needed one. Now looking through my closet, I find that I have just as many scarves as I do socks, which I must add is a lot. Scarves have become a necessity in my wardrobe.

Looking at this Fashionista, you can tell she has scarf game. She has managed to combine multiple colors without looking too much like a collage with this bright red scarf. The denim bag does not look out of place; her black dress softens her look and gives movement under her sweater and jacket. Her silver accessories are a nice cohesive touch. Her nude boots match her light hair color and translate very well when seen from afar, giving a nice soothing balance of color that looks put together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pairing something a little dressy with something casual, like a nice dress and a comfy sweater, makes me more confident. Never be embarrassed!”