If you ever need to find something to make your entire outfit pop, there is one thing that will ALWAYS work—scarves! With the different styles, materials and patterns that scarves are made of, it is so easy to make your outfit look the way you want. Whenever I want to dress my outfit up more, but I don’t feel like dressing up too much, I always add a scarf to my outfit. It’s easy and it look just as cute!

This Fashionista is wearing a simple outfit here. She’s wearing a red piko shirt and fitted blue jeans. She’s also matching her outfit with a black kate spade purse and a pair of rustic brown booties. However, the one thing that makes this entire outfit pop is the gold and white scarf. It’s such a simple pattern, but the metallic gold immediately draws your attention to the outfit and makes the outfit seem much fancier. The patten is simple enough to where it complements the plain shirt perfectly. The white, gold and red go together so well! In my opinion, anything with gold automatically steps up your outfit so much more and with a simple outfit, it makes it seem so elegant and clean.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s funny because when I go shopping, one of the things that I’m super picky about are scarves. I know that scarves make or break an outfit. It’s the number one accessory that I think every single girl should pay attention to.”