The weather here in northeast Ohio has been fluctuating like crazy this winter! One week the temperature is near 50 degrees and the next week it would be below zero, so deciding what to wear everyday can be quite the struggle. However, finding one piece in your wardrobe that can we worn in contrasting temperatures will not only save you time in morning, but it will also save a few dollars in your pocket!

One accessory that is great for all types of winter weather is a blanket scarf. This Fashionista decided to pair her scarf with a navy puffer vest on this cold (but not freezing) day. Blanket scarves are great for super cold days, because they keep you warm and bundled up. They are also great for mild winter days, because they can still keep you warm without having to wear multiple layers.

Since the scarf is the main statement piece of this outfit, this Fashionista keeps the rest of her outfit neutral. She has a white chunky cable knit sweater, which pairs well with the colors in the scarf. Ankle boots are great for mild winters, because they look more stylish than wearing clunky winter boots and they’re great for walking around campus. She keeps the look preppy and classy by wearing a pearl bracelet, which pairs well with her gold statement watch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find an oversized scarf to pair with your outfits. Not only does it make a boring outfit cute, but it can also be used as a blanket to keep warm in class!”