Have you ever experienced a random 60 degree day in the middle of winter? When the weather decides to switch it up on you, come back fashionably fab with the perfect vest. Oh yes, the vest is back!

This look can be seen on runways all over New York Fashion Week for spring 2015. What was predicted as a popular trend for springtime can already be seen on those randomly nice days in January to March. The vest of this time of year is not taken lightly, however, and are usually thicker, fuller, and longer than before. This look is so versatile that you could rock a black leather vest, a silky chic silk vest or cozy up with a cotton vest. Will you say yes to the vest?

As I was packing up my Eno on what had been a beautiful day on campus, I caught this Fashionista wearing the perfect example of the vest trend. She explains how she threw this black ensemble on to catch dinner with a few friends, while I catch the detail of her delicately thick laced leggings. The Fashionista pairs a cozy long-sleeved dress with the lovely black leggings, black combat boots and her textured vest. The all black outfit is complemented by the neutral contrast in the vest. The two-textured combination of jersey knit and leather in the vest keeps the Fashionista warm and trendy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would definitely say the thicker the better. I have another vest with pockets, which are useful when it’s windy outside! The key is to stay warm and matching the rest of your outfit at the same time.”