STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Say Yes To The T-shirt Dress

June 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

There are some people in history I just want to take a moment to thank. To the creator of Boy Meets World, you rock. To the creator of Dippin’ Dots, you deserve an award. And to whoever created the T-shirt dress, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Everyone has his or her comfortable must-haves. Whether it’s sandals over heels, or leggings over, well, anything else, there are just some style choices you are inclined to incorporate into your wardrobe simply because they are just so comfy. For me, if I can avoid wearing pants, it is a good day. (Can I get an amen?) That’s why this beautiful Fashionista’s simple T-shirt dress caught my attention.

If you are like me, you may have attempted this trend once or twice only to immediately put the dress back and accept your failure. This look can be unflattering unless you find the right dress. I don’t know what it is (size, length, pattern), but something about the dress can throw off the whole look and have you feeling like a guy wearing one of those giant knee-length jerseys when they were in style. If you go a little oversize crazy or if you underestimate it and look like you are wearing a very long form-fitting T-shirt, you might not love the look. But just keep looking because your perfect match is out there.

In all seriousness, if you are looking to rock this look then take notes from this lovely Fashionista. She paired this T-shirt dress with knee-high gladiators, a statement necklace and some bright red lipstick. Literally, that is it. This is what I love most about this look. She kept it so simple and manageable, yet used pieces that come together so well that you may think this look took more effort than it did. And for my very lazy, can’t-even-drag-me-out-of-bed-on-a-Saturday-morning self, simple yet cute is always the goal.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just do you. Don’t follow any of the ‘fashion rules.’ Just wear what makes you feel good.”