I’ll admit it: when I first heard that ’70s fashion was going to become “in” this year, I struggled to hold back a scoff. Then again, I am part of the jaded group of Generation Y young’uns who mainly show disdain towards anything that doesn’t comprise of skinny jeans. I like to think of myself as an old soul, a young woman who’s aware of today’s current trends, but enjoys occasional trips down forked roads that lead into endless memorabilia. An example? I still adore the Kylie Jenner lip color trend (MAC Cosmetics Whirl lipliner paired with Velvet Teddy lipstick), and am finally starting to enjoy the organic fanatics around me with their yummy kale caesar salads (sorry Burger King, but please free feel to bring back the original chicken nuggets). But amidst all of this, I still listen to throwback ’80s alternative singles while getting ready. Let me hear a synthesized wailing croon and I’ll be content. Though I may be a walking contradiction of eras, I’m still victim to believing in the horrible fashion faux pas of certain time periods, particularly the ’70s; which is why it’s always wonderful to cross paths with Fashionistas who help make you see the light and make you want to take a leap of faith with a wider pant hem.

Forget the grainy psychedelic picture quality we have come to associate with the ’70s. This Fashionista has officially helped update the dated trend with punches of color that aren’t gaudy and a youthful air that can help translate the look effortlessly into real life. Billowy sleeved tops exude that bohemian free love that Californians adore and Fashionistas on the east coast want to replicate. The sleeves of this Fashionista’s top in particular is more subdued for the chic individuals who still want to keep one foot in the modern day. The floral print matches perfectly with the soft blue of her satchel. Their coordination provides stability for the look and allows a wider stage for the main star: the wide leg canary yellow pants. The more streamlined shape of her bottoms is a perfect way to initiate a budding Fashionista/o who wants to dip their toes in the bell bottoms pool, without diving in completely. Sun rays and eyes are sure to soak in this bright look so choose accessories wisely. This Fashionista kept things minimal with an addition of one necklace for a feminine pinch and simple sandals with a gold band, perfect for the warm hue of the pants. So if you’re still clinging onto the horrid mental images of mustard yellow striped tops and uncomforable polyester, throw bad nostalgia away for this outfit which will be a definite conversation starter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The floral top was something a little more out of my comfort zone because of the exposed back, but it’s still very wearable. A simple backless top that ties beautifully, along with the bell sleeves helps make a hint of skin unique.”