The anchor was first popularized through tattoos by Navy sailors in the early 1900s. It originally represented strength and stability but overtime has adapted to represent yachting, beach clubs and other nautical activities. It not only has remained in style for every summer over the past century, but it has branched out into jewelry, clothing and more feminine styles, as well.

The traditional colors associated with an anchor are red, white and blue, which only makes sense seeing as the trend was first started by a branch of the United States military. The anchor is perfect for both subtle hints of patriotism and summer dreaming.

While this style has branched out into a variety of colors and patterns, the Fashionista’s sweatshirt is of the more of the traditional color scheme. Her sweatshirt consists of the classic navy and white horizontal stripes and a metallic color for the anchor. The thick chain on the anchor would typically be more masculine, but the golden shimmer feminizes the symbol. Gold is no doubt the more popular of the metals during the summer season and is commonly associated with nautical themed jewelry and other accessories.

Both her camisole and detailing on her shoes are black. Together, they are reminiscent of the ink color used on the original anchor tattoos, which continues to be popular today. Her classic denim shorts and lack of excessive jewelry creates the perfect laid back summer look when combined with the other elements.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfy clothes are very important for summer.”