STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Running Through The Six With My Layers

Even though summer has just started, and the layering that comes along with autumn has yet to start, why not try out different layering trends now? Let this Fashionista show you how to take a summery outfit and transform it into a layered outfit masterpiece!

Having a busy day running around the city? Let this Fashionista give you tips on how to look relaxed through all the chaos! This Fashionista takes a boho spin on layering, using a shirt dress as a boyfriend top to pair with jean shorts. She takes an indie style and makes it even more indie by changing the look. Tucking the shirt dress into a pair of distressed jean shorts gives the nonchalant and relaxed look on an outfit, making your ensemble looking effortless yet so stylish!

Taking this outfit from day to night? Let this Fashionista show you how to layer on top of the layers to make the outfit comfy for a cool night out! Taking an edgy leather jacket to layer on top of a relaxed indie ensemble makes the outfit versatile and appropriate for many occasions!

A reliable pair of shoes is always needed when having a busy day. This Fashionista has chosen to use trusty and stylish Vans to complete her outfit. Not only will the little sneakers be comfortable whilst going on with your day, but it just adds another element of relaxed-chic to your ensemble!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love silk tank tops for this time of year; they’re breezy and so cute for summer days out!”