When thinking about Hawaii, instantly a picture of relaxation on a beach comes to mind! Obviously not all of us can be in Hawaii this summer, therefore the best way to bring it home is by wearing it. Fashionistas can take any tropical flower look and bring it home to help give the feel of Hawaii. The best part about wearing the Hawaiian flower is that it entails a unique meaning. This Fashionista chose a hibiscus flower in her outfit which represents old royalty and communicates power plus respect.

This Fashionista helps pull together a cute, relaxed and Hawaiian look with her stylish print shirt that is comfortable for surviving this August weather while adding a simple pair of denim shorts. She adds some sass to her outfit with stylish shades (which we all know the need for shades in the summer).

She really pulled this outfit together by matching her snazzy kicks to her shirt. This Fashionista’s sneakers were my favorite part about this outfit because of the vibrant print and simplicity of them. The sneakers didn’t have to much floral overpowering it which I loved! This Fashionista can run the world in her stylish Hawaiian outfit!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Like Beyoncé Knowles said, ‘run the world’ which you can with a good pair of kicks. It’s all about that detail in your outfit! This Fashionista gets an A plus on how to give us that Hawaiian feel when we’re not actually there.