Oh, summer time. I can’t ever wait patiently for the sunny season to come. Long days and warm nights lead to fun adventures. High temperatures call for less clothes. That’s awesome and all but, don’t you appreciate that one random day when it’s a little cool outside? You can finally sport your favorite bomber jacket without passing out from heat stroke! This trend is perfect for escaping the summer daze.

The ease of the ensemble is what really makes the urban grunge trend so popular. The look appears as if one may have used a grab-and-go method when choosing what to wear. Maybe you’ll tie a flannel around your waist or have a jacket sitting on your shoulders. Layers upon layers give off a comfortable but cool vibe. Acid dyed materials are a great way to go along with the trend’s twist on vintage fashion.

You can’t go wrong with a clean white T-shirt to set the base of the ensemble. The Fashionisto rocking this trend chose to pair a plaid flannel from Urban Outfitters with a faded jean jacket. The ripped black jeans come from H&M, a place where he claims to shop frequently for trendy wear. Suede Clarks and a fitted cap complement the getup appropriately. A couple gold accent accessories and the Fashionisto has nailed this trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can make anything look cool. It’s all about how you put things together, you know? I just throw on whatever I feel like and it all tends to come together, one way or another.”