Can’t decide between wearing a sundress or shorts as you stroll through town? Look no further than the romper fad that has been spreading through campuses. With different styles, colors and patterns, any Fashionista can sport the trend.

When you think of a romper, you may think of your mother’s collection of old photos from when she was in high school. The romper was all the rage back in the day and has once again made an appearance. What makes the romper stand out? It could be the element of the pant or short look without having to find a top that matches, or possibly the ease of throwing on one item of clothing and a few accessories and being set for the day. Rompers can be appropriate for almost any event you are looking forward to this summer. Make a statement with a pant romper and a leather jacket at the bars on State Street or throw on a short romper for a day at the beach.

This Fashionista is showing off her style in a patterned short romper accessorized by a few bangles, a classic watch and a big black handbag perfect for carrying around the necessities of the day. She looks stylish and comfortable as she struts throughout Madison on the weekend. The short look and the light material prepare her for the summer heat while the nude sandals complete the look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rompers are a staple piece of my wardrobe. It’s as easy to throw on a romper as it is to throw on a simple sundress, and you can look even more fashionable while doing it.”