Rompers. I must confess that I have small romper collection developing in my closet. I suppose, it is safe to say that I am obsessed with rompers. What began as a children’s one-piece garment has turned into a staple in most summer wardrobes. Today, it is not uncommon to see rompers on the runway. Although they were typically seen as a leisure piece, today rompers are versatile enough to be even worn in place of cocktail dresses. Who doesn’t love a piece that is both fashionable and comfortable? Rompers are truly a busy girl’s best friend. Coming in a wide assortment of colors, prints and materials, the possibilities are endless.

I caught this Fashionista on her way out with a friend for lunch uptown. Later, she had plans to go exploring in the French Quarter. Her jersey H&M romper is paired with a bright blue printed kimono. The combination is both earthy and comfortable, great for a day spent out on the town. The unique rust color of the romper makes it a year-round staple that is easy to layer. She topped her outfit off with a hat and comfy heeled sandals. Her ensemble is easy to throw on but spectacular to the eye. This Fashionista also made sure to bring a spare pair of flat sandals, just in case.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never pay full price for anything and always choose one statement color.”