You cannot go anywhere without seeing someone in a romper this season! This is not surprising at all since rompers are incredibly versatile and are appropriate for almost every occasion a Fashionista will encounter during the summer months. In past months and even now we have seen a lot of the glorious jumpsuit, but now we’re making way for the jumpsuit’s little sister, the romper. Some people may be hesitant to try to rock a romper, but what those people do not understand is how universal they can be. You can wear one to the beach, the office, a party, a music festival or even out for coffee with the girls. While on vacation, this Fashionista took a simply beautiful navy romper and dressed it up with taupe heels and a beautiful ponytail.

Rompers nowadays come in so many different styles that you are bound to find a perfect one for any event you may be invited to. Whether you are going to a casual wedding or to work, rompers are a beautiful choice. Although this Fashionista’s romper is a simple color, the neckline and sleeves of her romper make it a standout piece.

Like this Fashionista, I believe that when you wear a romper, it should be the standout piece. With a simple ponytail, nude heels and tiny accessories you can do just that. The three elements marry perfectly together and make this Fashionista look amazing and extremely put together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rompers are not only beautiful and easy to wear but they are also fun to rock. Girls just wanna have fun, right?”