STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rompers Are a Girl's Best Friend

Summer is in full swing and so is the ninety days of ninety degrees, the hottest part of summer in the South. Dressing to beat the heat requires an ensemble that’s two things: easy and breezy. What’s the perfect solution to this? A romper of course! This one-piece perfection is quick and won’t cling to you. Rompers can fit every style, making them any Fashionista’s best friend during the steamy summer months.

If you’re a cool bohemian chick, try a romper like this one. If you’re into preppy styles, a high-neck romper like this one is perfect for you. If you’re trying to rock an ultra feminine look, a glamorous romper like this one is the way to go. No matter what your style, you can combat those rising temperatures looking fabulous in a romper.

This Fashionista is rocking a simple black romper with bright accessories. The low neckline is flattering yet classy and shows off her bronze summer skin. The lightweight fabric of the romper has some flair with a subtle cutout design on the top layer. To add some brightness to the look, this Fashionista is rocking a simple turquoise and gold necklace as well as a bright coral purse. Her gold bangles add a hint of bohemian flare to her look. The Fashionista ties the classic and bohemian elements of the look together with leather sandals with a cool cutout design. The whole ensemble is fresh and perfect for a hot summer day. This Fashionista shows how easy, cool and fabulous a romper can be.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I really like to wear neutral-colored clothes and add little pops of color whether it’s in a bag, jewelry or shoes.”