Rompers have been a trend for several years. Especially this spring and summer, I have noticed a rise in romper output. In case you are wondering, “What the heck is a romper?” it is the vertically challenged sister of a jumpsuit, a mini dress with fabric between your legs and a fusion of a (usually matching) blouse and shorts. You cannot miss seeing one in a store window at your local mall—they are everywhere. It is like a romper infestation! But, they are popular for a reason. Rompers are an outfit in one. They’re as easy to throw on as a dress, yet much more versatile. And unlike a jumpsuit, you can show off those gorgeous legs you have been working on for the summer season. They work as a beach cover-up or as the base of an outfit for a night out with the girls. The romper is an on-trend piece that is bound to stick around for a while, making you look fabulous in the meantime.

This Fashionista is wearing a minimalistic black romper with a gold zipper detail. The classic black color of the romper made it like an LBR (Little Black Romper). The simplicity of the romper allowed for the Fashionista to experiment with different adornments, until she achieved her desired look. She utilized earth tones for her accessories and shoes to make the overall look more casual. The sandals kept the outfit youthful by incorporating a bold color into the outfit. Her watch gave a vintage vibe to the look, despite the modern romper and its different metallic hue for the zipper detail. She kept the additions to the romper cohesive by using tan leather as the main accent to the understated black romper. The romper completed this Fashionista’s outfit by making her look refined, yet ready to go out with friends.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keeping things minimalistic keeps an outfit classy. But if you are just comfortable in what you are wearing, then you’ll have enough confidence to work any outfit.”