The romper: this piece of clothing has been around for a few years and we ask ourselves, “are rompers still stylish?” Technically the answer would be yes, but for summer 2015 there is a new romper silhouette flooding the streets. The main characteristics of the 2015 summer rompers are their bold prints and wide legged shorts. In this outfit the statement piece is the romper itself, everything else worn is part of the outfit and is merely subtle background accessories.

When I glimpsed at this Fashionista on the street, I knew she had nailed this fresh summer look. Her romper was a vibrant blue print with wide legged shorts that billowed in the wind. When looking at her you could sense the breeze dancing around her outfit. She accessorized by wearing a pair of strappy leather sandals and elegant pearl-like studs. She choose to sweep her hair up into a messy bun, as to keep the focus of the outfit on the bold romper.

It’s the time of the year to take bold steps with your look and rompers are the way to go. Wait, be careful though, not any given romper is up to par with this summers style. When shopping for a romper there is some variety. Want a romper with sleeves? Go to GUESS. If you’re looking for an open back romper, check out this beautiful one at Urban Outfitters. Want a romper that transitions well from day to night? Try this more subtle floral print from Express.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main pointer when it comes to rompers is keep the print vibrant and bold but when it comes to the accessories keep them subtle. Making a statement with your outfit just became a whole like easier.”