Putting an outfit together is hard. We’ve all been there. Finding the perfect top, not being able to find matching bottoms. Wanting to wear shorts in the summer heat but not being able to find a top to go with them. What’s the easiest solution to this problem? Answer: a romper!

This Fashionista I spotted agrees! While rocking neutral colors, she says it is her go-to summer outfit because it keeps her cool while being super comfy. Not only are rompers extremely trendy right now, but open-backs are as well. She paired her open-back romper with a black bralette and another personal favorite of mine: strappy sandals. Rompers can be both dressed up or dressed down, but this Fashionista chose to keep it simple yet classy with multiple rings and bracelets to give her neutral look some flare. Not only does the hat make the whole outfit come together, but it blocks the summer sun too.

Rompers are on trend right now because it is heating up outside, they’re flattering and you can style them in many different ways. This particular element stands out because of its open-back style. It is classy, different and looks perfect with a lace bralette. Summer style can be expressed in many ways, and this Fashionista chose to stick with neutral colors to express herself. Nude is a color that is a hot trend right now. It goes perfectly with everything and can be worn in any season. Rompers can be also be paired with heels, lace up sandals or even plain flip-flops to alter your look to fit any occasion. For chillier summer nights, there are long sleeve rompers as well!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rompers are a really good way to look cute but also feel comfortable. Rompers are also a favorite item of mine to have in my closet because it’s easy to just put it on and go. There are so many options for rompers nowadays; I actually have another on the way in the mail! The bracelets that I have on go with every outfit, so they’re good staple items to have. This is my go-to summer attire, it never seems to fail!”